Asset Management Advisor Best Practices for Investor Education

by on Nov 07, 2018

A recent report from Corporate Insight addressed educational materials that asset management advisors can provide to their clients, analyzing resources from 16 industry-leading firms. The report assesses education content’s findability, presentation, variety of topics and depth of information. Three firms stand out for their offerings, content and accessibility:


Franklin Templeton houses a comprehensive selection of content across multiple sections of the advisor site. The materials are presented in a variety of formats, including PDFs, presentations, brochures, flyers and infographics. The firm stands out in two areas. First, a dedicated Volatility Resources for Your Clients section features 14 documents to help advisors communicate to clients about market risk, investing behavior and rising rates. Since doomsday titles dominate headlines, it’s important to keep investors informed so that they avoid making rash financial decisions. Secondly, an Investor Stories visual roadmap illustrates financial decisions based around major life events such as marriage and retirement.


Franklin Templeton Investor Stories Infographic


 MFS houses a robust selection of client-ready materials that includes videos, articles, worksheets, info sheets and a questionnaire across dedicated sections. The Address Client Needs section features timely articles and videos organized into six categories: Retirement, Estate Planning, Eldercare, Education Planning, Life Events and Understanding Investing. The firm stands out for its Heritage Planning Tool, which allows advisors to create personalized info sheets that cater to client concerns. For example, the Divorce Worksheet asks that clients keep track of income, expenses, assets and debts for each spouse to determine marital property.


MFS Address Client Needs Section


OppenheimerFunds offers a dedicated Client Education section, findable directly from the main menu. The section features three customizable slide decks that can be shared with clients. The slide decks address financial literacy, retirement and global policy and include speaker notes and source notes for advisors. Each presentation is enhanced by charts, graphs, statistics and infographics. For example, the Financial Literacy presentation helps clients build wealth, protect it from risk and start financial discussions with their families.


OppenheimerFunds Client Education Overview Page