Asset Management Firms Busy Introducing Redesigned Websites

by on Dec 06, 2012


The year may be winding down, but the Mutual Fund Monitor firms aren’t headed home for the holidays just yet. Several asset management firms recently redesigned their sites, bringing new looks to online investor resources. Common elements in the redesigns that we’re seeing include large rotating homepage images spanning entire page widths, larger font sizes and organization of resources into relatively simple columns of links.

American Century
American Century’s site features a new homepage, header and footer design. The firm, already a leader in providing strong web resources, has now vaulted to the forefront of mutual fund companies with its new layout. The new homepage displays a large rotating image, spanning the entire width of the screen and three columns of links to site features in the lower portion of the screen. Additionally, the site includes an improved color layout for header and footer menus.

American Century Homepage

AllianceBernstein also revamped their investor site, moving away from a dated layout to a contemporary design. As with American Century, the firm introduced a screen-spanning rotating image display. Additionally, the firm’s product finder was added to the homepage, and commentary resources are now arranged in a visually-appealing three column display on the landing page.

The firm also expanded its main menu to feature direct access to retirement and college savings resources, as well as providing direct access to investor resources. The changes cut down on the number of clicks required to read key AllianceBernstein resources.

AllianceBernstein Homepage