Asset Management Firms Target Audiences to Enhance the User Experience

by on Jun 26, 2017

Asset managers create content for a variety of intended target audiences. Websites often include firms’ perspectives on economic market conditions as well as practice management resources geared specifically for advisors and clients. Companies use different methods to specify the audience type. Corporate Insight’s Mutual Fund Monitor and Advisor Monitor services track how asset management firms are improving the advisor and investor user experiences through these bespoke interface elements. Below, we highlight three strategies firms employ:

1. Lock Icons: Firms often use lock icons to denote advisor-specific content on dropdown menus and preview pages. Three firms—Hartford Funds, Invesco and Fidelity—specifically use padlock icons to block commentary pages. Additionally, Hartford Funds offers a preview page prompting login credentials to access full articles.

Invesco Insights Page

Hartford Funds Commentary Preview Page

2. Disclaimers: A smaller number of firms including Eaton Vance and American Funds employ static footers to denote the intended audience type. Examples of language include specific references to “institutional/broker-dealers only,” “not for distribution or use with the public” and “intended for use by financial professionals.” While these disclaimers serve a legal purpose, they also provide guidance for site users to ensure they are viewing appropriately targeted content.

Eaton Vance Disclaimer

American Funds Disclaimer

3. Target Audience Indicators: Perhaps the clearest method of indication, clear category or filter labels often specify the intended audience of certain content types. Firms indicate intended audience in literature centers through filters, dropdown menus and lightboxes. Categories that identify audience type include Clients, Investors, Shareholders, Individuals, Brokers and Advisors. As two examples, AB includes an Audience filter in its Literature & Forms center Refine By… section, and BlackRock features a Target Audience specification within its Literature Center’s Information pop-ups.

AB Literature & Forms Center

BlackRock Literature Center