Asset Management Firms Target Millennials with ESG Material

by on Nov 14, 2017

Asset managers are increasingly creating content to target millennial investors. Sustainable and social responsible investing is a popular industry topic that is a natural fit for discussing millennials’ value investing habits, product purchasing preferences and portfolio diversification tendencies. Lately, Corporate Insight’s Asset Management Monitor – Advisor has found relevant articles, commentaries, blog posts and videos. Below, we highlight two notable strategies that firms currently employ:

Devoted Millennial Outlets: Some firms have taken to promoting ESG sections directly in their main menus. For example, OppenheimerFunds’s Millennial Investors page stands out for its findability and wealth of resources. Similarly, PIMCO features a PIMCO ESG page outlining its ESG investment platform that strives to improve gender equality, poverty, climate change and health. BlackRock’s Sustainable Investing section includes interactive images, charts and key statistics to support how millennials want to support socially and environmentally responsible companies.

OppenheimerFunds – Insights: Millennial Investors Page

BlackRock’s Sustainable Investing Section

Content on Blogs: Eaton Vance’s Advisory Blog features a Responsible Investing filter, with a recent commentary highlighting that 93% of high net worth millennials want to invest in ESGs. Invesco’s Blog includes a topical post discussing important ESG factors, portfolio considerations and investors’ growing demands to invest in companies with positive social impacts.

Invesco Blog Post