What Makes a Thought Leader in the Asset Management Industry?

by on Apr 17, 2013

Thought LeaderAll asset management companies strive to provide up-to-the minute economic commentary and market insights for advisors. The question is: how to make your resources stand out in a crowded field of competitors? Many companies answer this by positioning key experts as thought leaders on a particular topic, making them a go-to resource for insights on issues dear to the hearts (and wallets) of financial advisors.

Thought Leadership Defined
What is a thought leader? A thought leader is an individual who gets in front of the pack and provides innovative insights on key investing topics. Firms prominently promote these individuals, using homepage images and offering a platform for regular insights. Additionally, thought leaders frequently appear on media outlets, promoting their firms while shaping investor opinion.

OppenheimerFunds Commentaries from Dr. Jerry Webman
OppenheimerFunds Thought Leader Dr. Jerry Webman

Properly Positioning Your Thought Leaders is Essential
Many asset management firms elevate individual experts to thought leaders through consistent online promotion and prominent placement of their works throughout the public website. Regular readers of the financial press will recognize individuals like Bill Gross, who writes PIMCO’s monthly Investment Outlook and offers regular commentary on the markets. Similarly, OppenheimerFunds strongly promotes the insights of Dr. Jerry Webman, who contributes weekly opinions on the markets and can be often seen providing guest commentary on financial news programs.

PIMCO Bill Gross Commentary Promotion
PIMCO Online Promotion for Bill Gross Commentaries

Closing Thoughts
In the crowded world of asset management commentary, it pays to position important experts as thought leaders. Elevating key figures to leadership status can turn sites into treasured commodities for advisors when they need insights into market events and investing conditions. By promoting individuals who shape industry opinion, fund firms take advantage of an important marketing and outreach opportunity.

This is the first article in our new Thought Leadership Series on the Corporate Insight Blog. Starting in May, we will be releasing a monthly article that recaps the most popular and effective asset management thought leadership pieces from the previous month.