Tailor Made: Asset Management Firms Incorporate Homepage Customization to Enhance the User Experience

by on May 25, 2017

Asset management firms are employing personalization and customization features on advisor-facing websites, recent trends reveal. Leading advisor firms tailor homepage content and specific characteristics of investors to enhance the user experience. Personalization allows firms to control and target content, whereas customization lets investors interact with the interface and adjust content layout to reflect their interests and priorities.

Corporate Insight’s Mutual Fund Monitor and Advisor Monitor services track how asset management firms are improving the advisor and investor user experiences through these bespoke interface elements. Below, we highlight three examples of firms employing these strategies:

Fidelity offers a strong example of personalization on its advisor homepage with its Your Fidelity Feed section. The dynamic feed delivers targeted commentaries and articles to advisors based on an algorithmic system. Investors can also customize their watch list funds through the Focus List section and can prioritize Favorite Information within the right sidebar.

Fidelity Advisor Site Homepage

Franklin Templeton allows investors to customize the My Funds section on the homepage by personally selecting a list of favorite funds. Below, the My Literature section includes personalized orders itemizing recent history.

Franklin Templeton Investor Site Homepage

Lord Abbett lets users customize the Fund Tracker list on the advisor homepage. The firm also personalizes the homepage with the tailored Your Representative section, which includes contact information. The right sidebar features a convenient flyout that shows Tracked Funds and an Order List itemizing pending orders.

Lord Abbett Advisor Site Homepage