August 2017 Trends & Highlights: Standard Settlement Period Change, Facebook AI Bot, Revamped Login Interfaces and E*TRADE OptionsHouse Integration

by on Sep 29, 2017


  1. Ten Firms Address Trade Settlement Period Change: A popular method of announcing the industry-wide change, eight firms added notices to their monthly statements: Ameriprise, Charles Schwab, Fidelity, Morgan Stanley, Raymond James, RBC, TD Ameritrade and Vanguard. Scottrade announced the reduced period with a private site homepage notification. Later in the month, Capital One Investing and Vanguard did the same.
  2. Seven Firms Update Private Site Capabilities: Athene updated its security system, preventing outdated applications from working with certain advisor site applications. Two firms updated transfers interfaces: Citibank and Raymond James. Fifth Third followed other banking firms from the previous month, adding Zelle as its person-to-person payment platform. Discover updated the Make a Payment journey and Edit a Payment interface. PNC Bank removed the ability to request a replacement card or report a lost or stolen card online, while Wells Fargo redesigned the Dispute a Transaction process.


TD Ameritrade Launches Facebook Messenger Bot

The artificial-intelligence-driven chatbot answers a variety of inquiries including those about account information, markets, news, education, help and FAQs. Users select a Message link on the firm’s Facebook page to activate the chatbot, which then offers suggested information to request. Customer service representatives may step into the conversation at any point to assist with more complex tasks.

TD Ameritrade Facebook Messenger Chatbot

Principal and Amica Update Login Interfaces

Principal revamped the client and advisor login process, featuring a simplified design and two-factor authentication for clients. Clients can opt into the enhanced verification with a mobile phone number or email address and determine how often to implement the security measure. The new feature is not available for advisor login yet but will be in the future.

Principal Client Login

Amica reduced the number of stages in its login process to a single step, removing security image verification and allowing clients to enter username and password on the same page. Clients can no longer input their credentials from the public site homepage and must use the dedicated login page.

Amica Client Login

E*TRADE Integrates OptionsHouse Accounts

Following the firm’s acquisition of Aperture Holdings, Inc., parent company of OptionsHouse, in September 2016, E*TRADE integrated all of the online trading platform’s accounts into its interface. The firm alerted clients via an email, informing them of how to log in to OptionsHouse and linking to a new Welcome to E*TRADE sitelet. E*TRADE promoted the integration on multiple public site pages.

New Welcome to E*TRADE Sitelet