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What Drives Investor Satisfaction?

November 10, 2014 by
Corporate Insight would like to invite you to join our analyst Anneli Lefranc for a free webinar – What Drives Investor Satisfaction?We recently surveyed over 1,500 investors to examine the relationship they have with their primary brokerage firm. We then analyzed the results, identifying the features that matter most to different types of investors and that have the greatest impact on their overall satisfaction. Our major findings were published in Corporate Insight’s 2014 Investor Survey Report.

Understanding DC Plan Participants’ Web Expectations

December 10, 2013 by
This article originally appeared in the Fall-Winter 2013 Edition of Consulting Insights. For more information on the 2014 DC Plan Participant Website Audit or Survey Report, please contact James McGovern at or 646-454-2667. Defined contribution (DC) plans play a critical role in helping Americans meet their long-term financial goals. This year, the Employee Benefits Research Institute (EBRI) estimates that the DC plan is the primary retirement plan for 78% of workers who participate in an employer-sponsored benefit plan. Considering DC plans’ importance to participants’ financial futures, provider firms need to make sure their clients can easily find key information and manage their accounts through their preferred channel. With that in mind, Corporate Insight designed a survey that examines the relationship between retirement plan participants and their provider website. For our DC Plan Participant Survey, we interviewed 990 respondents, all required to

Property & Casualty Insurance Firms Go Interactive with Online Education

March 05, 2012 by
This article first appeared in the Consulting Insights – Winter 2012 Issue. In recent years, property and casualty insurance firms have increasingly adopted a more modern approach to marketing. Instead of focusing solely on product details and customer service, their new strategies highlight their expertise and leadership in the industry. As part of this shift, […]