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Ian is a Research Associate for Broker Monitor and e-Monitor at Corporate Insight.

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Alternative Exchanges Gain Traction in 2019

May 24, 2019 by
Alternatives to the NYSE and Nasdaq, such as the Long-Term Stock Exchange, seek to offer new markets to traders and companies that offer differently aligned incentives, such as deemphasizing short-term quarterly earnings.

TD Ameritrade Adds Trading Capabilities to Alexa Skill

October 31, 2018 by
Anyone using virtual assistants on a daily basis knows they are still firmly in the emerging technology category. The technology’s immaturity is evident in the lack of sophisticated commands they can accurately follow and the still-limited engagement of third-party apps. One sign of development in the FinTech space, however, is the recent update of the […]

Robinhood Advances with New Free Multi-Leg Options Strategies

June 22, 2018 by
Robinhood, which has offered basic options trading strategies since December 2017, recently announced in a blog post and on social media the launch of mobile-only advanced, multi-leg options strategies in single trade orders. According to the blog post, the firm’s options trading volume is already over $2 billion, and the introduction of advanced strategies—including iron […]

Acorns Enters Retirement Market with Acorns Later

June 13, 2018 by
It’s official: Acorns entered the $28.21 trillion retirement market with Acorns Later, which offers Roth, traditional and SEP IRA accounts under the Acorns investing model. The much-anticipated launch, which came at the end of April, follows Acorn’s acquisition of Portland-based retirement fintech firm Vault in November 2017. Acorns Later follows the formula of a standard […]

Fidelity Goes Down the Virtual Reality Rabbit Hole

June 11, 2018 by
Fidelity recently debuted Cora, a prototype virtual reality (VR) H pioneered by Fidelity Labs and built using the new Amazon Sumerian VR application platform. Though not available to the general public, Cora serves as a proof of concept for what a VR assistant available to retail investors might look like in the near future and […]

TD Embraces Non-Proprietary Platforms

May 09, 2018 by
Developing in-house proprietary platforms for new or existing user bases is not only expensive, it is also difficult to attract users who will adopt them. One solution is to build an application on top of a popular platform with millions of users. Through applications on Facebook, Twitter or digital assistants like Alexa, firms can access […]

Financial Literacy Month Goes Largely Unleveraged

May 01, 2018 by
Following  a 2003 Senate decree, April serves as Financial Literacy Month (FLM) to remedy a lack in American financial education through a series of targeted programs, events and tools. As FLM is already well publicized in the media, such as in Forbes and CNBC, firms should leverage this attention to position themselves as trusted sources […]