Ian Bonhotal

Ian is a Research Associate for Broker Monitor and e-Monitor at Corporate Insight.

Email: ibonhotal@corporateinsight.com

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TD Embraces Non-Proprietary Platforms

May 09, 2018 by
Developing in-house proprietary platforms for new or existing user bases is not only expensive, it is also difficult to attract users who will adopt them. One solution is to build an application on top of a popular platform with millions of users. Through applications on Facebook, Twitter or digital assistants like Alexa, firms can access […]

Financial Literacy Month Goes Largely Unleveraged

May 01, 2018 by
Following  a 2003 Senate decree, April serves as Financial Literacy Month (FLM) to remedy a lack in American financial education through a series of targeted programs, events and tools. As FLM is already well publicized in the media, such as in Forbes and CNBC, firms should leverage this attention to position themselves as trusted sources […]