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Forthcoming Study: Communication to Drive Engagement

November 04, 2019 by
Client communication is an essential component in attracting and maintaining consistent engagement. Yet it’s never been more challenging for organizations to craft messaging that piques interest and drives action. Corporate Insight is excited to soon release our special report: Communication to Drive Engagement. This detailed study explores the strategies that organizations use to connect with […]

Decoding Robo Customers: Key Findings on Millennial Digital Advice Users

October 26, 2018 by
In August 2018, Corporate Insight conducted the financial services industry’s first in-depth survey of digital advice customers and prospects. The survey helped create complex profiles of digital advice customers, uncovering their expectations, behaviors, preferences and satisfaction rates with their robo provider’s technology and overall service. In September 2018, Corporate Insight’s Digital Advice Monitor analyzed the […]

Artificial intelligence & blockchain could allow for the automation of more complex pattern recognition

March 31, 2017 by
This post contains an excerpt from our latest syndicated report, Blockchain Solutions and the Future of Finance. For more information, please contact us. Artificial intelligence (AI) is the engineering of computer programs that are capable of intelligent decision making. This is realized through the accelerated analysis of data sets. Well-known examples include Google’s search results, which […]

Blockchain Solutions and the Future of Finance

February 15, 2017 by
Blockchain technology has the potential to shape various aspects of financial services and radically alter the industry. Our first in-depth study on blockchain will help readers understand how blockchain could simplify existing financial processes, maximize efficiency and profitability of industry participants and improve the end-user experience. The study explores: The current and future states of blockchain […]

DLT 2016 – Cutting through the blockchain hype

October 12, 2016 by
At the Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) Conference in New York this past September, the IMN brought together some of the leading voices in the blockchain/distributed ledger space for an interesting discussion of blockchain’s potential impact on financial services. Through panels and interviews that blended the perspectives of large financial institutions, regulators and blockchain technology providers, […]