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November 2014 Advisor Thought Leadership: Petroleum Puzzlements

December 08, 2014 by
Oil was once again a hot topic amongst investors and advisors alike as prices fell to the lowest point in years. There are, of course, many underlying factors that drive this market momentum, as well as myriad benefits, drawbacks and opportunities for various actors across the globe. This month we found five pieces that pay particular attention to the topic:

New Advisor Monitor Research: Cultivating Ultra-Wealthy Books of Business

November 03, 2014 by
This month, our Advisor Monitor team will publish a new report – Advising the 1% ­– that examines various client segmentation and referral cultivation resources that help advisors seek out and service high net worth investors. For the most part, high net worth issues are mentioned as just one part of a firm’s approach to a larger issue, such as client segmentation or referral cultivation. Firms offered a diverse mix of materials to support these topics, such as worksheets, prospecting letter templates, commentaries, and focused consulting programs.

October 2014 Advisor Thought Leadership: Diverging Fortunes

October 29, 2014 by
As the Federal Reserve’s quantitative easing program comes to an end this month, strong trends in U.S. economic growth will likely lead the Fed to raise interest rates, in keeping with its long-standing plans. Meanwhile, central banks in Europe and Asia will consider the opposite approach in response to lagging growth, and move to expand their easing programs in an effort to stimulate growth. Investors and advisors alike need to consider how these changing monetary policies may or may not affect the investing climate at home and abroad, so this month we highlight five thought leadership commentaries that explore this divide.

September 2014 Fund Thought Leadership Insights: “Fed Up” with Uncertainty

September 30, 2014 by
As the Federal Reserve draws closer to the final stages of its QE tapering process, asset managers are increasingly curious about how their funds may be impacted by higher interest rates and changing market conditions. This month, we encountered five thought pieces that seek to understand the Federal Reserve’s role in the marketplace and examine […]

August 2014 Advisor Thought Leadership Insights: The Hidden Price of High Performance

September 02, 2014 by
With years of outsized positive market performance behind us (the Dow Jones topped 17,000 this week), many thought leaders in the asset management industry wonder when and how this historic bull market will suffer a downward correction. Others dismiss historical predictors and wonder whether the current market could turn bad at all. We found five […]

July 2014 Fund Thought Leadership Insights: Asset Managers Consider the Market’s Trajectory

July 30, 2014 by
Fund Thought Leadership Insights is a monthly blog series highlighting the best commentaries and expert analysis pieces released by leading asset management firms. For a full archive of past articles, click here.

June 2014 Fund Thought Leadership Insights: Confronting Investor Attitudes Towards Risk at Home and Abroad

June 30, 2014 by
Fund Thought Leadership Insights is a monthly blog series highlighting the best commentaries and expert analysis pieces released by leading asset management firms. For a full archive of past articles, click here.  Our June 2014 Advisor Monitor report focuses on firms’ risk management resources, which feature a diverse array of insights and tools.  This month, […]

April 2014 Trends & Highlights – Heartbleed, Smartwatch Investing Apps and Record Site Revamp Activity

May 07, 2014 by
TRENDING Record Number of Site Revamps – April saw the highest number of site revamps for a single month, surpassing last month’s record number. Across all Monitor groups, we tracked seven main site revamps – among them, BlackRock, iShares, Citicard and Lord Abbett– and two private site revamps for MassMutual and Hartford’s P&C outlet. Few […]

March 2014 Trends & Highlights – Responsive Revamps, Innovative iPad Apps and Trendy Microsites

April 09, 2014 by
TRENDING Busy Month for Revamps – March was a particularly dense month for public and private site revamps. Across all monitors, we reported five main site revamps and four for private sites, a significant increase over February’s tally of only two main site overhauls. Our Asset Management firms were especially active: Invesco released an overhauled site […]

February 2014 Trends & Highlights – Millennials, Wearable Tech and Social Promotions

March 05, 2014 by
TRENDING Outsized Influx of New Tools – Our coverage firms added 20 new tools and calculators in February, a significant increase from the two added in January. Merrill Lynch alone added 16 to its public and private sites, and Fidelity and Invesco both added major asset management tools for financial advisors. In addition, Key Bank’s […]