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Banking on Loyalty: Premium Reward Points for Preferred Rewards Customers

October 06, 2017 by
After long standing on the sidelines, Bank of America entered the competitive premium card market with the introduction of its Premium Rewards card. In recent years, many firms have issued premium cards with exorbitant initial spend offers, aiming to be at the top of every customer’s wallet. In a market already saturated by highly popular […]

Bank of America Promotes Travel Rewards Cards Using Tropical Snapchat Filter

August 04, 2017 by
Bank of America recently used a Snapchat filter to promote its Travel Rewards credit card. The filter allows users to put their face in the face slot of four animated people in a tropical location. The picture includes an airplane carrying a banner of the Travel Rewards card, a Travel Rewards card in a man’s […]

Different Approaches to a Common Goal: Mobile-First Site Revamps

July 06, 2017 by
Fifth Third Bank and Capital One recently overhauled their personal banking and small business client private sites, respectively. While the firms take different approaches to site design, navigation and organization of content, both sites are optimized for mobile and tablet experiences. Given the rise of multi-platform usage, it’s become important for firms to roll out […]

Chase’s Long-Awaited Overhaul of the Small Business Client Private Site

July 05, 2017 by
Chase recently overhauled its private site for small business card holders, including an updated color scheme, larger font, responsive design, revamped navigation and reorganized pages. The overhaul incorporates the same design as the banking and consumer card client site revamp that debuted in August 2016, as well as the navigation updates implemented this past March. […]

U.S. Bank Makes Its Move into the Premium Card Space

June 05, 2017 by
U.S. Bank is the latest firm to enter the premium credit card arena with its newly launched Altitude Reserve card. Exclusively for U.S. bank customers, the travel rewards card includes features much like that of American Express’s Platinum card or Chase’s Sapphire Reserve , including a hefty initial spend bonus offer, a large travel statement […]

Fingerprint Authentication Moves to Plastic: Mastercard Takes Big Step in Card Security

May 01, 2017 by
Following in the ideological footsteps of the chip technology first introduced to major U.S. card networks in 2012, Mastercard recently unveiled new credit cards that will further combat identity theft concerns via a fingerprint sensor built into the card. After pilot testing in South Africa, followed by trials in Europe and Asia, the new technology […]

Introducing Zelle: Banks Play Catch-Up to Venmo in the Person-to-Person Payments Space

April 21, 2017 by
Last February, Bank of America was the first of a group of banks to implement Zelle into its mobile app. A mobile person-to-person payments service, Zelle allows users to send, receive and split payments within mobile banking apps. Bank of America, Chase, Citi and Wells Fargo are leading a group of 19 banks to gain […]

The New and Improved Platinum Card: American Express Makes Moves to Attract High-Income Customers

March 28, 2017 by
American Express recently announced significant changes to the Platinum card, its premier travel card. The changes come at a time when Platinum card dominance has been diminished as other firms have introduced new travel and luxury cards, like the Sapphire Reserve card from Chase. The Sapphire Reserve card became so popular following its late summer […]

Bank of America Opens Automated Branches for Digital Banking

March 15, 2017 by
Bank of America recently rolled out its first three automated banking centers in Minneapolis and Denver, coming at a time when many banks, BofA included, have closed branches to cut costs. So, what exactly is an automated branch, and what services does it provide (or fail to provide) its banking customers? When you walk into […]

No Match for NerdWallet: Evaluating the Card-Seeking Experience of First-Time Customers

February 02, 2017 by
Despite the generally huge emphasis of credit card product advertising on issuers’ public sites, industry giants provide little in the way of resources for customers looking to open their first credit card. The major credit card companies tend to be well-known, so young customers will go directly to an issuer’s website in search of resources […]