Bank Monitor Awards: Wells Fargo, Chase and Ally Medal for Private Site Design and Usability

by on Jan 19, 2018

Since it was first included in 2015, website design and usability has been an important part of the annual Bank Monitor awards report. While the other categories reward firms for the functionality of important interfaces, the design and usability category examines entire sites with a holistic focus. We look for intuitive access to most site features from universal menus and a clear secondary navigation structure, along with how well each firm meets Jakob Nielsen’s 10 usability heuristics. Other criteria used to differentiate firms include breadth of customization options, page presentation, link affordance and authentication policies.

In this year’s report, three new medal winners earn the top spots:

Wells Fargo stands out for its modern and user-friendly private site with an omni-channel design that mirrors the mobile website and app, all of which earn it the gold medal. Two slideout menus provide intuitive access to most of the private site; the Transfer & Pay menu links to all money movement while the More menu organizes links in accordion sections. Overall page presentation—including secondary navigation—strikes a careful balance between consistency and functionality, with the design for each page tailored to content provided but always within a unified template.

Wells Fargo Private Site Slideout Navigation Menus

Ally Bank earns a silver medal for straightforward universal navigation throughout the private site, supplemented by consistent secondary menus. The two-tier navigation provides six well-named tabs, four of which offer click-to-expand flyout menus with an easily manageable number of links. When necessary, sidebar menus provide predictable secondary navigation that accurately reflects site architecture by treating content similarly based on categorical level. Other page presentation elements are nearly as consistent throughout the site, though slight differences emerge in embedded third-party interfaces.

Ally Bank Private Site Transfers Activity Page

Chase also earns a silver medal for a modern, omni-channel design on its private site. A universal slideout menu provides access to most main sections of the private site, as well as products and other public site resources, while the header includes flyout menus for money movement and account settings on most pages. Sporadic secondary navigation takes many forms throughout the private site; most pages that employ it offer either secondary tabs or a sidebar menu based on the nature of the content provided, though some pages provide both. Meanwhile, a dropdown menu in account detail tiles provides sole access to most account-specific journeys, such as card replacement or stop payments.

Chase QuickPay Recipients Tab with Sidebar Navigation

Though they still earn bronze medals this year, previous top medal winners USAA and Bank of America drop in the rankings as design standards continue to improve.

For detailed analyses of the Bank Monitor awards report’s five additional categories, including account summary information, transaction history and statements, person-to-person payments, bill pay and self-service options, access the full report through our client portal or visit our website to learn more. To access a free slide deck highlighting all gold medal winners, click here.