April 2016 – Private Site Homepages

The private site homepage sets the tone for a user’s online experience. Banks should welcome clients with a well-organized homepage that features important account details and provides quick access to transactions, resources and other crucial site offerings. The private homepage should provide an account snapshot that accommodates multiple accounts and gives clients a broad understanding of their current and available balances. Clients should be able to view additional information by expanding sections or selecting the relevant quick link. This Bank Monitor Report analyzes the private site homepages of the 18 firms in our coverage group.

The majority of firms covered in this report provide customers with the most important account details, including the account balances, aggregate total and account nickname, directly on the homepage. Leading firms include additional data beyond balances—such as upcoming transfers and payments and recent transactions—or allow customers to conduct transfers directly on the homepage. Leading firms also take advantage of helpful design features such as expandable and collapsible sections, filters, intra-page tabs, carousel sections or quick link dropdown menus that help to keep the homepage simple and well organized.