April 2018 – Account Activity Archives: Desktop Transaction History

Reviewing transaction history is one of the most important features of the online banking experience. Customers peruse transaction history online for a variety of reasons, including to understand their spending habits, monitor their accounts for incorrect or fraudulent charges and confirm that transactions have posted. To serve these various use cases, it is vital for banks to present extensive archives of transaction history in dynamic, digestible tables with several advanced capabilities. This report analyzes how the 19 firms in the Bank Monitor coverage group display transaction history, evaluating findability, table format, detail presentation and search tools.

While every firm links to transaction history from the homepage, six (32%) do not include links in the main navigation and five (26%) do not facilitate switching between accounts with dropdown or sidebar menus; two firms (11%) provide neither. Three firms (16%) improve findability by presenting transaction history directly on the homepage, and four firms (21%) preview recent transactions on the homepage. Aside from universal findability, leading firms provide scheduled transaction lists, several sorting and filtering options, customization of transaction details and multiple display options.

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