August 2016 – Private Site Navigation

Bank customers should be able to navigate through their private bank sites quickly and efficiently, locating important site functions and pages with minimal effort. Well-designed navigation helps facilitate movement with well-named and organized main menu options, efficient placement of quick links and consistent site layout and organization. Additionally, banks should offer an easily accessible, unified customer service center, from which users can answer their questions and update their settings and information. We last devoted a report to private site navigation in April, 2014.

Ally Bank, Bank of America and Discover earn the highest grades in this report of A-. Every firm in this report, with the exception of Ally Bank, includes a horizontal main menu structure; most firms include submenus, dropdown menus or flyout menus with their main menu tabs. Most firms provide an intuitive navigation experience in terms of functionality grouping. However, there is certainly room for improvement in navigation, and firms should continue to move away from submenu navigation and towards options that allow users to view a tab’s contents prior to navigating to it, such as flyout or dropdown menus. Firms should provide relevant quick links throughout the site, in addition to the homepage, offering access to related site functionality with as few clicks as possible.