February 2015: iPhone Alerts

Push notifications are an effective way to alert account holders of important account details, such as their balance levels and potentially suspicious transactions. While downloading a banking app might sound like a great idea in theory, some users struggle to develop reasons to access them. A strong set of easily customizable alert options can serve as a reminder that clients can manage most of their banking needs from the palm of their hand. Clients can keep track of their balance automatically, and be alerted about important account events. In short, push notifications are a seemingly small feature that can go a long way toward driving mobile app usage and customer satisfaction. In this Bank Monitor Report, we examine the alert set up and customization options at the seven firms that provide iPhone push notifications. Specifically, this report focuses on the following criteria:

  • Number of alerts available
  • Types of alerts available
  • Alert delivery options offered
  • Location

Seven Bank Monitor firms offer clients the ability to set up push notifications related to their accounts on their iPhone apps. Of those firms, two provide over 20 alerts, with plenty of room for client customization. An additional firm offers a modest alerts center in its iPhone app, allowing clients to receive 11 different push alerts, though these are actually set up on the web.

The leader in this report allows clients to control all alert delivery options from an iPhone, and is also the only firm to provide help documentation within the alerts section of its iPhone app, a welcome feature for clients who may have trouble setting their alerts.

Generally, firms make alerts easily accessible from the main navigation menus in their iPhone apps. Three firms link to alerts in the main menu. Many firms allow clients to set do-not-disturb hours for text alerts. Only two firms allow clients to do so for push notifications. A single firm allows suspension for a user-defined period of time.

Additional findings include:

  • Three firms provide links to alerts sections in their apps’ main menus.
  • Three firms allows clients to set up push notifications on their websites.
  • Three firms include an Alerts Inbox in their apps.
  • Seven firms offer around 10 alerts on their iPhone apps.
  • One firm allows clients to manage email and text notifications from its app.
  • One firm offers four security alerts related to the Online Banking login ID and password.