July 2016 – Online Product and Service Promotion

Most firms promote their products, services and account features using public and private site advertisements to entice new customers as well as expand current relationships. In this report, we examine the presence, design and content of promotional content in four site areas: the public site homepage, private site homepage, a private site offers section or page—if available—and the logout page. As promotions range widely between firms and are subject to change on an ongoing basis, this report is ungraded and instead serves as a catalog of current offerings and placements.

Unsurprisingly, every bank in this report dedicates space on its public site homepage to ads, with every firm displaying a promotional banner image and 15 (79%) including a section or space on the public homepage with regularly updated promotions and advertisements. Currently, every firm except U.S. Bank includes promotional content on the private site homepage. Firms promote on the private site homepage in varying ways, such as Wells Fargo’s dedicated section of written offers, Chase’s scattered image promotions and Citibank’s footer carousel. Less commonly, 32% of firms provide a dedicated site page for current specials and offers, with Citibank offering a Rewards and Offers page, on both the public and private site. Most firms provide a single promotion on the logout page, with USAA including up to four promotions and additional links.