March 2017 – Account & Profile Management Self-Service Functions

Bank account holders are constantly making changes and developing new priorities that require them to update their banking profile, account information and debit card settings. All banks should accommodate customers’ changing circumstances and needs by making account self-servicing options easy to access and modify online. These necessary changes include name, address and phone number changes, as well as check reorders, debit card activation, overdraft settings and stop check payments. This report examines the online account management capabilities of the 19 firms in the Bank Monitor coverage group, including profile, debit card and account management features.

All firms covered in this report allow users to change their most basic profile information online. Firms typically provide a unified interface for making profile changes but often include account request and debit card management options in separate interfaces. Firms vary in online debit card management options, with 15 providing at least one of the seven management options evaluated in this report. All firms allow users to reorder checks online, but most direct users to a third-party site to complete the process.