May 2016 – Mobile Check Deposit

As consumers become more dependent on their mobile devices, it is important for banks to offer an effective selection of mobile capabilities. A recent survey from the Federal Reserve’s Division of Consumer and Community Affairs found that 51% of mobile bank users had deposited a check within the year prior to the survey, up from 38% in 2013. As demand for mobile check deposit continues to grow, firms must provide clients with the most current technology, critical account and limit information, and useful help features to expedite the process and create a simple user experience.

Every firm in this report provides users with a mobile app capable of check deposit. Firms typically provide clear access to the feature and offer basic help on, or accessible from, the check capture screen. The majority of firms use auto capture, though a few grant users the option of manual capture. While the breadth of information available varies by firm, most of the firms include dedicated help sections within the app and on the public site. Some firms suffer from a lack of transparency surrounding limits and deposit cutoff times information.