Bank of America Launches Next-Generation ATM with Video Teller Assistance

by on Apr 24, 2013

Bank of America LogoEarlier this month, Bank of America announced the launch of a new ATM with Teller Assist. The new ATMs offer a range of banking services and allow customers to speak directly with a teller via real-time video during regular and extended hours (see image below). Tellers will be able to provide support in both English and Spanish, can assist customers in cashing checks for an exact amount (including receiving change), and can help execute cash withdrawals in a variety of denominations ($1, $5, $20 and $100).

In a press release, Bank of America speaks of future functionalities of the ATM Teller Assist service, including depositing checks with cash back, splitting a deposit into multiple accounts, and making loan or credit card payments. Currently, ATMs with Teller Assistance are only available at a Bank of America banking center in Boston, however, the firm plans to roll out this service to banking centers in select U.S. cities throughout 2013.


Bank Of America ATM with Teller Assist
Bank Of America ATM with Teller Assist
Closing Thoughts
By introducing ATMs with teller assistance, Bank of America is providing customers with a best in class banking experience. Customers have access to additional help from a teller without having to wait on line at a branch and have the ability to use ATMs to take care of a majority of their essential daily banking needs. Additionally, by offering bilingual support, Bank of America is able to assist a wider range of their client base. Thus, the new ATMs not only enhance the ATM banking experience Bank of America offers its customers, but it also makes that experience more inclusive.


A full review of the new Bank of America ATM with Teller Assist will be provided in a follow-up blog post once these ATMs are made available in Bank of America’s Manhattan banking locations.