Bank of America Promotes Travel Rewards Cards Using Tropical Snapchat Filter

by on Aug 04, 2017

Bank of America recently used a Snapchat filter to promote its Travel Rewards credit card. The filter allows users to put their face in the face slot of four animated people in a tropical location. The picture includes an airplane carrying a banner of the Travel Rewards card, a Travel Rewards card in a man’s pocket and the firm’s branding in the bottom corner. Snapchat’s app now has multiple avenues for advertising within the app, such as filters, video advertisement between stories or advertisements within the Discover section.

Travel Rewards Card Filter

Given the nature of Snapchat, users have an incredibly low attention span and are unlikely to view something for more than five seconds. Thus, users would likely skip an advertisement that is placed between a friend’s stories. The Discover section is also less ideal place for advertising as it is generally reserved for pop culture and users have the choice to select what content they wish to view. This section may serve as a good place for less product-oriented advertising such as financial education tips. The filter serves as a fun way to advertise products to Snapchat’s younger demographic. While it’s not always clear who is advertising on a specific filter, in this post, Bank of America prominently places its logo in the corner and clearly states the product that it is promoting. Not all banking products will be ideal for filter advertisements, but credit card products will likely become a common advertisement, as card-themed filters are suitable to Snapchat’s younger demographic.