September 2017 Trends & Highlights: Hurricane Coverage, Equifax Response, Life Insurance Awareness Month

TRENDING Cross-Industry Responses to Hurricanes – In the wake of Hurricanes Harvey and Irma, 54 firms across nine of the Corporate Insight monitor groups created fundraising campaigns, provided special contact information and alerted of temporary branch closings. To see our cross-industry special report on hurricane responses, click here (CI login required). Firms Address Equifax Breach […]

Retirement Readiness Peer Comparisons: Best Practices and Recent Innovations

Sufficiently preparing for retirement can be a daunting task for many participants, but properly gauging retirement readiness can be equally arduous. Peer comparison features provide an intuitive way to help participants understand their progress toward achieving their retirement income goals, offering valuable context to data that may otherwise be less meaningful to participants. Peer comparisons […]

Amex Debuts Interest-Saving Payment Option, Plan It

The past 12 months have been busy for American Express, which has been making large pushes to expand its presence in the lending space. The newest launch applies to owners of Amex’s consumer credit cards. The Pay It Plan It feature enables cardholders to pay off part of their balance, and defer larger transactions for […]

How Asset Management Firms Address Sustainable Investing Strategies

The sustainable investing industry has been steadily evolving since the mid-1900s, gradually including more screeners for assessing holdings companies. In the 1960s, social responsible investing (SRI) practices centered on an exclusionary process of avoiding “sin stocks”: equity shares from companies involved in tobacco, weapons, liquor or gambling. In the 1980s, SRI evolved, as new supporters […]