Fighting Interest Rates with Bond Ladders

Citing moderate economic growth, solid labor statistics and increased inflation, the Federal Reserve increased interest rates by 25 basis points last quarter. In an effort to normalize policy after nearly a decade of historically low rates, the Fed is expected to continue to raise rates. As a result, investors are worried about the potential for […]

Happy Birthday! Need Life Insurance?

USAA takes its customer engagement to a higher level by sending birthday greetings that remind clients with other product holdings of their life insurance needs. One of our panelists with banking and credit card accounts at USAA recently received a custom mailer wishing them a happy birthday and offering them a discount on life insurance. […]

If I Had a Million Dollars…I Still Could Not Retire

The notion that one million dollars makes you rich is a prevalent, yet dangerous one. If you were to spend like the Barenaked Ladies, you would be a homeowner with a Picasso collection, full-time limousine driver and band of exotic pets. But if you make six figures a year and are hoping to maintain your […]

Schwab on Snapchat: Brokerages Find New Target Demographic in Recent College Grads

With graduation season upon us, college seniors are looking forward to beginning life in the “real world.” From beginning new jobs to renting new apartments and managing their own finances, graduating seniors are facing one of the most pivotal times of their lives. Capitalizing on this important transition, brokerage firm Charles Schwab targets the young […]