December 2017 Trends & Highlights: Market Outlooks for 2018, Holiday Messages, Updated Private Sites and Morgan Stanley Access Investing

TRENDING 2018 Outlooks – In December, 16 firms across industries outlined their expectations for the new year. Fidelity added two videos, one on U.S. equity sector outlooks and a second on global expansion and volatility. Invesco released a video series on the 2018 outlook and posted a blog about fintech forecasts. Oppenheimer Funds and Janus […]

2017 Gold Monitor Awards Winners: Asset Management Monitor – Advisor

We are excited to announce the release of Corporate Insight’s 2017 Monitor Awards, our annual reports that recognize firms across our coverage groups for excellence in the digital user experience they offer prospects, clients and advisors. Throughout January, we released a series of slide decks highlighting gold-medal-winning firms in each of our financial services verticals. […]

Advisor Websites Evolve, Embrace Open Access

The trend toward open access quality investing information online makes it increasingly challenging to captivate advisor audiences, and fund firms are competing to gain visibility. For some asset managers, getting advisors to visit their site, let alone log in, can be challenging. Over the past few years, Corporate Insight (CI) has observed asset managers incrementally […]

Petal to the Metal for the Credit Invisible

Last week, fintech startup Petal announced the results of its Series A funding round for its credit card product aimed at the credit invisible, consumers who have trouble securing a credit card due to no or limited credit history. Now with $13 million in financing, the product aims to help those who appear to be […]

Credit Card Monitor Awards: Citicards, U.S. Bank and Chase Excel at Card Payments

Every month, credit card holders are (hopefully) going to pay their bills, making card payments one of the most important features of online banking and a key category of the Credit Card Monitor Awards Report. Since every firm offers immediate, future and recurring payments scheduling, our award winners stand out for complementary features that enhance […]