AIR Conference Takeaways

This year’s Auto Insurance Report National Conference (AIR) in Florida featured informative presentations on a wide variety of topics including behavioral data, auto insurance affordability, automated accident reporting and self-driving vehicles. Host Brian Sullivan closes each conference with a much-anticipated Twenty Trends presentation reviewing the conference’s key topics. Since this year marks the 20th AIR […]

Lemonade Insurance for Sale: A Review of Lemonade’s Renters Quote Journey

Lemonade is a new peer-to-peer insurance startup that launched in September 2016 selling home and renters policies in New York and Illinois. Set to reinvent the insurance business model, Lemonade leverages technology and transparency to create a simple, seamless customer experience. The firm takes a 20% flat fee from premiums and gives back any unclaimed […]

Could Nationwide’s New Guaranteed Retirement Income Option Fill a Marketplace Void?

The decline of traditional pensions, increase in life expectancy and potential for a low returns environment over the coming decades mean that many Americans will need to supplement the retirement income they can expect from Social Security and employer-sponsored plans to adequately prepare for retirement. Consumers currently have the option to choose from a number […]

How Icons Help (or Hurt) Financial Services Customers

Icons can either help or confuse financial customers—and, by extension, firms’ profits—based on how they are used on a website. In an industry that offers complex products and services, icons can set key ideas apart. When used alongside meaningful text, they support users by attracting attention to key features. When used without text, however, they […]