April 2016 – About Us Sections

In an increasingly crowded marketplace, brokerage firms must work to distinguish themselves from competitors as they promote themselves and their brand to new investors. Corporate branding is one such way to do so, and in today’s digital climate, a website is one of the most expedient and powerful branding mediums at firms’ disposal. Brokerage websites are more than just places for investors to view their account balances and trades—they are inseparable from firms’ overall branding identities to many current and prospective clients. An integral piece to the online persona of any brokerage is the About Us section, an area where firms can establish and promote their unique attributes and personality as well as provide information on their organizational history, goals and principles. In this month’s Broker Monitor report, we examine our coverage group firms’ About Us sections, reviewing how firms position themselves to the average website visitor.

All 18 firms in our coverage group offer publicly accessible About Us sections, with several housing the section within a separate sitelet. Though firms vary in the information they provide, the majority include information on their company’s top executives and charitable initiatives, along with high-level information about the brokerage as a whole. Many include timelines of their company history to provide an understanding of the firm’s progression. Firms with the best About Us sections avoid offering the information in a purely text format, instead utilizing videos, slideshows and interactive graphics to break up the pages and make information more engaging. They also highlight employee stories and client journeys to add a personal touch and maintain a consistent theme as they reinforce their branding messages.