August 2017 – Advisor and Branch Locator Tools

Connecting prospective clients with the products and services a firm offers is vital in the brokerage industry. While the prevalence of digital interactions continues to rise, there will always be investors who crave the face-to-face connection that comes with explaining one’s financial life and goals to an advisor or branch representative. This is especially true for those with more complex financial needs; nuances that are rarely captured online or over the phone. For this month’s Broker Monitor Report, we analyze the tools that help facilitate these face-to-face conversations.

Fifteen of the 19 Broker Monitor firms provide branch or advisor locator tools on their public websites. Since we last covered this topic in 2015, six firms have significantly redesigned their tools. While all the brokerages that offer such tools make them available from the public site homepage and allow users to search by city or state, primary differences lie in the available filter options and ancillary features offered.