December 2014: Review of 2014 Promotional Collateral

In this Broker Monitor Report, we provide an overview of the types of promotions and customer communications received from our Broker Monitor firms over the past year. This report looks specifically at the major marketing promotions, newsletters and announcements firms routinely send to clients to keep them informed and engaged. While previous Broker Monitor reports looked solely at hardcopy promotional material, this report considers email promotional material as well. Included within this report are our standard Summary Findings and Best Practices sections based off the overview of promotional materials provided by Broker Monitor firms. A Detailed Findings section is also included to highlight unique or noteworthy collateral materials, or to discuss common communications if nothing out of the ordinary is received. We have also included a promotional mailing list that provides links to scans of the original collateral Corporate Insight received over the past year (Corporate Insight username and password required). No Research Methodology section, grades or detailed matrix are included in this report, as it is meant to provide examples of promotional collateral from around the industry.

Overall, Corporate Insight received a diverse gamut of promotional collateral from the 18 firms in the Broker Monitor coverage group. As expected, more traditional full service firms rely primarily on hardcopy mail to reach their clients, while some discount brokerages communicate almost entirely by email. Newsletters, both mail and email versions, are by far the most common piece of collateral received over the past year, with the majority of firms offering some type of proprietary newsletter.

Additional key findings include:

  • Three firms mailed clients magazines longer than 10 pages.
  • Four firms sent tax-related promotional material.
  • Two firms sent only newsletters and magazines.