February 2018 – Preparing for the Next Adventure: Life Event Resources

Life’s most significant experiences, such as getting married or welcoming a child, often present new financial challenges. As investors pass through life’s stages, brokerages can provide valuable advice to help their clients prepare. In this month’s Broker Monitor Report, we examine firms’ life event resources for everything from career transitions to managing the loss of a loved one. When firms offer advice on life’s major events, it helps them to connect with clients and can serve as a promotional tool for related product and service offerings.

Of the 18 firms in the Broker Monitor coverage group, only 14 offer dedicated life events resources. The 78% of brokerages that provide these resources vary in the number of topics covered as well as the depth and quality of information provided. While most firms present content in a standard, non-interactive article format, exemplary firms go above and beyond by offering engaging multimedia resources including videos, infographics, courses and podcasts. Three firms outshine competitors by offering questionnaires that probe users’ life goals and priorities to generate content that is tailored to their specific needs.

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