February 2019 – Approaching the Finish Line: Resources for Those Nearing Retirement

With the decline of employer pension plans, Americans are increasingly facing the burden of funding their own retirement. To compound this issue, investors must ensure that their personal retirement plans—such as a 401(k) or IRA—are allocated age-appropriately, which can be a struggle. While most brokerage firms provide considerable resources that cover the topic of retirement in general, only a select few include content that caters specifically to those who are 10 years or fewer away from retirement.

In this month’s Broker Monitor Report, we examine the content and positioning of public and private site retirement-related resources, with a focus on content for investors nearing retirement. Of the 16 firms in this report, six (38%) stand out for providing engaging content across a variety of key topics in a range of mediums beyond simple text-based articles. While many firms bury this information, eight (50%) offer clearly labeled sections linked directly from the public or private site main menus. Additionally, leading firms such as Ameriprise, TD Ameritrade and TIAA include actionable advice around a variety of nearing-retirement issues—such as organizing accounts, maximizing savings and reallocating assets—to help users stay proactive in their journey toward retirement.

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