January 2018 – Brokerages Brave the Twitterverse: Twitter Content and Engagement

Boasting 328 million active users, 74% of whom use it as a news source, Twitter is one of the most significant communication platforms of the 21st century. With that in mind, Twitter-savvy firms can easily and instantaneously reach a large network of prospects, clients and advisors. Although Broker Monitor firms differ in the type of information they tweet, all firms maintain Twitter accounts that they have posted within our three-month research period, and all firms promote their accounts on their public sites. In this report, we assess the types of content and the level of engagement found on firms’ Twitter accounts.

Broker Monitor firms recognize the importance of maintaining active Twitter presences both to share information and to monitor customer service concerns. The majority of firms (88%) reply to customer concerns on Twitter, using the platform as a modern customer service hotline in addition to a news and promotional source. Overall, firms do an excellent job of composing their tweets, incorporating links to public site content, including hashtags and multimedia to encourage engagement.

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