May 2016 – Brokerage Facebook Profiles

Once a space for college students to connect with classmates, Facebook has emerged as the world’s largest social media platform and one of the main information sharing forums on the internet. If used properly, Facebook can be a useful channel for brokerage firms to engage with current and prospective clients, as well as to share company information and reinforce their unique brand. It can also be a useful space for firms to express overarching viewpoints and to show clients the humans behind the company. In this month’s Broker Monitor Report, we analyze our coverage group’s Facebook pages, examining how firms position themselves on their pages and interact with the platform’s users, as well as examining the content brokerages post and share.

Fourteen of eighteen firms in our coverage group have a dedicated corporate Facebook page. Unsurprisingly, the majority of content posted by firms focuses on financial topics, typically in the form of a link to an article on the firm’s public site, though several firms posted short commentary videos or infographics as well. Utilizing Facebook as an interactive platform, many firms use conversation starters and quizzes in their posts to engage with current and prospective clients. Though these posts did not always receive a significant number of responses, they pose a simple way for firms to generate activity on their pages. Across the coverage group, many brokerages also use their Facebook pages to share company information, including announcements about corporate changes, details on the company’s past and pictures from recent charity events.