November 2015: A Review of Corporate Philanthropy Campaigns

This month’s Broker Report offers an overview of the philanthropic initiatives that Broker Monitor firms actively promote on their websites. Given its reliance on digital sources, this report may not capture the full range of philanthropic efforts undertaken by each firm. Only firms that offered corporate philanthropy information via their public sites were reviewed for this report. We also consider the philanthropic efforts of parent companies for firms that might be subsidiaries or headquartered outside the U.S.

Although every full service firm in the Broker Monitor coverage group made information on their philanthropic endeavors available on their public site, the same could not be said for some of the smaller hybrid and discount firms within the coverage set. While the brokerages that provide this information have unique philanthropy objectives, many of the firms employed two similar strategies: partnering with or donating money to an established organization and building employee events or campaigns within local communities around these partnerships.

While the firms in this report supported a number of different causes around the world, global children’s health and the support of women and minority entrepreneurs were common initiatives. Aside from engagement in philanthropic initiatives spanning national and international levels, a number of firms chose to concentrate efforts within smaller geographic areas, particularly in the communities surrounding their corporate headquarters.

Additional key findings include:

  • Firms use social media effectively to promote philanthropic causes
  • Several firms host annual community service days for employees
  • A number of firms focus on supporting the community around their corporate headquarters