October 2018 – Meet Your New Financial Advisor: Evaluating Advisor Profile Pages

​Ideally, financial advisors and their clients will enjoy long, mutually beneficial relationships. Choosing the right advisor is a major decision, impacting key decisions throughout clients’ and their families’ lives. Today, many financial advisory (and other) relationships begin online, so it is imperative that firms provide easily findable, engaging, comprehensive advisor profiles and websites. This can be the first step for investors to find the right advisor and firm.

Given that this report looks specifically at advisor profile pages, we focus our research on the eight full-service firms in our Broker Monitor competitive set while also taking a broad look at eight self-directed brokerages with relevant offerings. Since some firms give their advisors relatively free reign to customize their profile pages, we sought to broaden our competitive review to capture a larger and more diverse geographical sampling. To that end, we searched for multiple advisors at each firm located in New York, San Francisco and Denver; however, even this search may not have captured the full range of customizable advisor homepages. We therefore do not offer rankings for each firm but instead highlight overall best practices for encouraging prospects to begin a lasting relationship with financial advisors.

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