September 2016 – A Survey of Prospecting Materials

This month’s Broker Monitor Report focuses on the beginning of the advisor-client relationship, looking at the materials that advisors and brokerages use to help lure prospects. These materials serve as an important resource to help brokerages explain their value, and can make life easier for advisors and branch representatives speaking with prospects. We visited branches, contacted home offices and relied on our collective archive of resources to put together this survey of prospecting materials.

For this report, we review materials from 14 of the 18 brokerages in our coverage group. The materials we look at fall into two categories: brochures providing a general overview of the firm and resources dedicated to a specific product or set of products. Surprisingly, only one of the full service firms from which we received materials included advisor branding, which can make it easy for prospects to get back in touch with the advisor should they want to begin a relationship and open an account.