August 01, 2018

Columbia Threadneedle Enhances Advisor Experience with Streamlined Fund Visualizations

Columbia Threadneedle redesigned its advisor-facing fund profiles with a focus on improved usability, enhanced visuals and better promotion of the fund’s value proposition. Each fund profile features an anchored navigation menu at the top of page, more in line with industry standards. Fund filtering options are now asset-class-based rather than just alphabetical, and added visuals […]

May 09, 2018

TD Embraces Non-Proprietary Platforms

Developing in-house proprietary platforms for new or existing user bases is not only expensive, it is also difficult to attract users who will adopt them. One solution is to build an application on top of a popular platform with millions of users. Through applications on Facebook, Twitter or digital assistants like Alexa, firms can access […]

May 01, 2018

Financial Literacy Month Goes Largely Unleveraged

Following  a 2003 Senate decree, April serves as Financial Literacy Month (FLM) to remedy a lack in American financial education through a series of targeted programs, events and tools. As FLM is already well publicized in the media, such as in Forbes and CNBC, firms should leverage this attention to position themselves as trusted sources […]

April 25, 2018

April 2018 FCS Lunch—Performance, Trust & Best Interests: Marketing to Financial Advisors

Corporate Insight recently attended Financial Communication Society’s Marketing to Financial Advisors conference at the New York Yacht Club, hosted by FUSE Research Network. A presentation by Director of Relationship Development Cindy Zarker and a panel discussion featuring marketing heads from J.P. Morgan Chase, AB and OppenheimerFunds provided insights and strategies for building relationships with financial […]

April 23, 2018

UBS Launches Robo-Advisor among Limited Fanfare

On April 5, UBS Wealth Management became the most recent incumbent brokerage to join the automated investing foray. This increases the number of firms that offer automated investing platforms in Corporate Insight’s e-Monitor coverage group to 11 (70%), with full-service firms like Morgan Stanley, Wells Fargo Advisors and Merrill Lynch (through Merrill Edge) launching platforms […]

March 01, 2018

Brokerages Respond to New FINRA Regulation

In an effort to protect America’s aging population and vulnerable adults from financial exploitation, FINRA implemented a new regulation that requires brokerages to “make reasonable efforts” to obtain trusted contact information for accounts. Additionally, FINRA member firms now can place a temporary hold on the distribution of funds that are believed to be financially exploited. […]

February 06, 2018

CI Adds Coverage of Calvert and Columbia Threadneedle to Asset Management – Investor Monitor Research

Building off our recent relaunch of Asset Management Monitor – Investor, CI is excited to introduce Columbia Threadneedle Investments and Calvert Research and Management to our coverage group. Columbia Threadneedle furthers our coverage of active companies, while Calvert allows us to expand our scope of the fast-expanding SRI space. Columbia Threadneedle is the global asset […]