May 01, 2017

Fingerprint Authentication Moves to Plastic: Mastercard Takes Big Step in Card Security

Following in the ideological footsteps of the chip technology first introduced to major U.S. card networks in 2012, Mastercard recently unveiled new credit cards that will further combat identity theft concerns via a fingerprint sensor built into the card. After pilot testing in South Africa, followed by trials in Europe and Asia, the new technology […]

May 17, 2016

Iris-Scanning ATMs and the Future in Banking

Citigroup has partnered with Diebold, an ATM manufacturer, to test out cardless, eye-scanning ATMs. This technology has piqued the interest of major financial companies due to the proliferation of smart-phone use and the growing presence of biometrics, such as finger-print scanning. The Diebold Irving model allows customers to withdraw money by entering a desired withdrawal […]

April 25, 2016

Behavioral Biometrics Begin to Impact Financial Services

In 2014, the Center for Strategic and International Studies, a Washington D.C.-based think tank, estimated that cybercrime costs the global economy roughly $400 billion a year and affects more than 800 million people annually.[1] The financial services industry in particular is a major target for cybercriminals[2], and for obvious reasons – it’s where the money […]

September 17, 2014

Are Security Images Worth It?

Site-authentication or security images such as Sitekey can be found when encountering the login process for many financial websites. Out of all of e-Monitor firms, only five have security images in their login process. Recently, Sharebuilder and Raymond James removed their security image from the login process. According to a representative from Sharebuilder, “The security […]