November 28, 2017

With 700% Gains, Who Will Want to Spend Bitcoins?

Although bitcoin has been slowly gaining popularity for years, it made headlines last week, hitting a record high and sparking debate over whether it is a bubble that will burst. When bitcoin was founded nine years ago, the coins sold for pennies. Despite volatility, the currency is up 700% this year alone, meaning early adopters […]

February 15, 2017

Blockchain Solutions and the Future of Finance

Blockchain technology has the potential to shape various aspects of financial services and radically alter the industry. Our first in-depth study on blockchain will help readers understand how blockchain could simplify existing financial processes, maximize efficiency and profitability of industry participants and improve the end-user experience. The study explores: The current and future states of blockchain […]

October 27, 2016

The Rise of Blockchain: An Introduction

In the past two years, blockchain technology has begun to shape the financial services landscape, and financial institutions should be prepared to continue to hear about the technology as it becomes more prevalent. Our latest complimentary white paper, The Rise of Blockchain: An Introduction provides an overview of bitcoin and the blockchain for financial services […]

August 04, 2016

Blockchains + Digital Currencies Review

On July 28, 2016, Corporate Insight attended the third annual Blockchains + Digital Currencies conference in New York City. This one-day gathering of industry executives, regulators and providers offered the chance to gather and exchange information on trends in the blockchain and digital currency space, while showcasing the vast potential of the industry and problems that may arise as advocates move forward with implementation.

November 09, 2015

New York Sets Firm Regulations for Bitcoins

One of the biggest advantages to Bitcoin is the unregulated nature of the virtual currency. Bitcoins do not rely on the government action or oversight to change in value. Unfortunately, that is no longer true in the state of New York. On August 8th, 2015, The New York State Department of Finance passed the BitLicense, […]