January 31, 2019

Corporate Insight Reveals Gold Medals for Best-in-Class Web and Mobile Platforms in Financial Services and Healthcare

Last week, Corporate Insight announced the release of its annual Monitor Awards research reports. Today, we want to share with you the gold medal-winning firms, in recognition of the outstanding digital experience they provide to customers, members, prospects and advisors. CI’s annual Monitor Awards reports recognize digital experience excellence in the annuity, asset management, banking, […]

May 01, 2013

CI Spotlight – Auto Insurers Embrace Vehicle Telematics Systems

Telematics systems consist of a small device plugged into a vehicle’s on-board diagnostics port. Conveniently located beneath the steering wheel, the device monitors an individual’s driving behaviors, such as mileage, acceleration, breaking, distance, etc. The program offers participants the opportunity to potentially save on their auto premiums by demonstrating safe driving habits. Firms will then use the collected real-time data to analyze driving patterns and risks.

January 10, 2013

CI Spotlight – Windows Mobile

Today’s mobile revolution, which has forever changed the way consumers communicate and go about their daily lives, owes its start to the iPhone. Since the iPhone’s release, Android devices have gained strong market share and emerged as Apple’s top competitor, while the popularity of Blackberry devices has waned. Another key player, Windows Mobile, is still working to gain traction among consumers and developers. Here, CI takes its first look at four Mobile Monitor firms we track with apps for Windows Mobile.