April 06, 2018

Digital Platforms Take Initiatives to Help the Unbanked

A large proportion (73% of the population) of Southeast Asian consumers are classified as either underbanked or unbanked. While the underbanked have some form of insufficient representation by financial institutions, the unbanked have no deposit accounts and inhibited access to basic financial services. Some of these individuals rely on cash or other alternatives like payday […]

April 05, 2018

Playing Games While Building Savings Is a Blast

Nearly half of all Americans play video games, yet only a third have more than a thousand dollars saved for an emergency. A new fintech startup called Blast hopes to combine the increasingly popular pastime with saving for the future. Unlike other attempts to gamify savings that create entirely new experiences, Blast works alongside existing […]

March 07, 2018

Starbucks Consumers Are in for a Rewarding Experience

With the average American spending $1,100 annually on coffee and more Americans than ever gravitating toward gourmet coffee (up more than 350% since 1999), the growing prominence of specialty brews is no secret. Consumers are prioritizing getting their caffeine fix over even important budget items like investing, with one-third of Americans spending more on coffee […]

March 06, 2018

Back to the Future: Wells Fargo Opts for Robust Access over Mobile Optimization in New Private Site Navigation

In a move that seemingly goes against the trend of making sites optimal for mobile devices, Wells Fargo’s latest overhaul of its private site navigation transitions the firm from mobile-friendly slideout menus linking to overview pages to extensive flyout menus providing access to all site pages. Despite its seamless cross-platform spread, the firm’s previous slideout […]

March 02, 2018

Voice Technology on the Rise in Digital Banking

Financial institutions are exploring innovative ways to simplify everyday banking tasks with voice technology supplemented by artificial intelligence, such as USAA’s Siri-based account search. At some firms, voice recognition technology reflects an advancement toward biometric banking while at others voice commands offer the potential for mobile banking to become entirely hands free. Identifying customers through […]

February 26, 2018

New Venmo Features Encroach on Checking Account Offerings

Despite already providing a comprehensive person-to-person transfer service with many loyal users, Venmo is continuing to improve its offerings by facilitating same-day transfers as well as physical and online payments. These features are already offered in some form by its parent company, PayPal, but were recently implemented in a way tailored to Venmo users. Such […]

January 30, 2018

Petal to the Metal for the Credit Invisible

Last week, fintech startup Petal announced the results of its Series A funding round for its credit card product aimed at the credit invisible, consumers who have trouble securing a credit card due to no or limited credit history. Now with $13 million in financing, the product aims to help those who appear to be […]

January 22, 2018

2017 Gold Monitor Awards Winners: Credit Cards

We are excited to announce the release of Corporate Insight’s 2017 Monitor Awards, our annual reports that recognize firms across our coverage groups for excellence in the digital user experience they offer prospects, clients and advisors. Throughout January, we will be releasing a series of slide decks highlighting gold-medal-winning firms in each of our financial […]