July 25, 2016

July 2016 Issue of Consulting Insights is Now Available

The July 2016 issue of Consulting Insights is now available! Our feature article shares some of the key findings from our study The Innovation Advantage on the applications of biometric authentication technologies for financial services. We explore the latest trends in mobile finance innovation, discuss how to effectively market to active traders and assess how financial firms are using Facebook, particularly for customer service. Finally, we summarize findings from our whitepaper The Looming Problems with Retirement Planners, which discusses key factors that cause variations in retirement calculators' income projections.

February 10, 2016

Privacy vs. Security: Super Cookies in Mobile Browsing

As we constantly hover over mobile devices, we’ve become practically immune to the onslaught of advertisements that cloud our screens while we browse the internet. But take a second glance. The most prominent and unnerving ads are those that suspiciously highlight products and events that users have just recently searched for online – the tracking method behind these ads are known as super cookies.

May 18, 2015

Improving Card Security: Discover Freezes Fraud

Payment card fraud is an issue that concerns financial firms, business, and customers alike. According to an article from Fidelity National Information Services, payment card fraud could reach $10 billion or more in 2015, and a survey conducted by KRC Research in 2014 found that the majority of respondents were more likely to be concerned […]

March 10, 2015

Healthcare Firms Respond to Cyber Attacks

With cyber attacks making headlines across all sectors in 2014, perhaps few industries have as much to lose from a customer privacy perspective as health care, and at the end of January, Anthem became the first high profile victim of 2015. Hackers obtained data on tens of millions of current and former Anthem customers in […]

March 09, 2015

Speaking Of…Vanguard’s Recent Voice Verification System

In today’s business world, all CEOs fear seeing their company’s name in the headlines as a victim in the latest cyber-attack. Financial firms nationwide are constantly searching for new ways to prevent intruders from infiltrating their systems. In the past year, several firms within Corporate Insight’s e-Monitor group introduced new security features. UBS and Vanguard, […]