July 10, 2017

If You Can’t Beat ‘Em, Join ‘Em: E*TRADE Launches New Ad Campaign

E*TRADE recently unveiled its new “Don’t Get Mad, Get E*TRADE” campaign involving digital, mobile and social marketing, along with a series of TV commercials to attract millennial investors hoping to get rich fast. The first commercial, which was released in late June, portrays a man daydreaming about the lives of the super-rich, imagining pizza delivered […]

February 02, 2017

No Match for NerdWallet: Evaluating the Card-Seeking Experience of First-Time Customers

Despite the generally huge emphasis of credit card product advertising on issuers’ public sites, industry giants provide little in the way of resources for customers looking to open their first credit card. The major credit card companies tend to be well-known, so young customers will go directly to an issuer’s website in search of resources […]

November 07, 2016

Fidelity Pioneers Interactive Learning Center on iPhone and Android Apps

In August, Fidelity Investments became the first firm among those Corporate Insight tracks to roll out an interactive mobile education center. This is a major step forward for financial services firms when it comes to mobile education offerings, as only a few firms incorporate any educational content into their apps whatsoever. Those that do, such […]

February 24, 2015

Better Money Habits: The User Experience

As we covered in a previous post, Bank of America and Khan Academy’s educational partnership recently launched BetterMoneyHabits.com, a free tool for those in search of the financial basics. The site’s content is both helpful and informative, and the most important information is already summarized for users through the site’s printable Key Takeaways and interactive quizzes. For basic financial guidance, Better Money Habits is an effective tool.

February 12, 2015

Financial Education for Millennials: Can a bank-branded website Bridge the Gap?

Recently, television advertisements from Bank of America have been promoting BetterMoneyHabits.com, one result of the bank’s year-old partnership with Khan Academy, a non-profit education site. With the goal of providing free financial education for both clients and non-clients, and with over five million site visits since the start of 2014, the website seems to be making headway towards the hopes and expectations of the educational partnership.

April 24, 2013

Online Retirement Education Study: Examining Digital Planning Resources

The Online Retirement Education: Examining Digital Planning Resources study looks at the new, engaging practices retirement plan providers and annuity carriers are using to educate consumers and clients online. The study highlights a variety of digital resources being used by leading firms including video, interactive gaming, social media, podcasts and more.

April 11, 2013

Retail Brokerage Firms Step Up Education

The U.S. equity market is off to a strong start in 2013, with the DJIA and S&P 500 hitting new all-time highs in March. Yet retail trading volume among the major online brokerages remains depressed. It's clear that many individual investors are still gun shy after the financial crisis. This, in turn, is taking a toll on the brokerage industry's profits.