July 30, 2013

July Mobile Infographic: Small Business Payment Solutions

Small businesses have been called the foundation of America and the backbone of innovation. LevelUp, PayPal, and Square, three companies with humble roots, have lead the way in creating payment solutions for small businesses that level the playing field. Their merchant services have helped millions of small businesses accept credit card transactions. This goes a long way in increasing the competitiveness of these businesses as well as raising satisfaction among their customers.

June 26, 2013

June Mobile Infographic: First Login Experience on Banking Apps

Mobile users can be very fickle, and for many, first impressions are everything. Interestingly, while nearly half of smartphone owners are using their device to bank, only 38% of those users feel their banking app is safe. This is why financial service apps need to be both easy to use and also inspire trust amongst their users. The infographic below looks at the app experience of 17 top banks, specifically what they offer users the first time the app is accessed.

May 30, 2013

May Mobile Infographic: Android vs. Apple App Development Across Financial Services

Android or iOS? This is the question many people ask themselves when upgrading their devices . While the iPhone and iPad audience is large and diverse, Android has a strong core of loyal users who would never touch an Apple product. It seems that whenever a new app is released exclusively on iOS, the Android crowd starts asking "where is our version" almost immediately.

May 07, 2013

Social Media Trends: Brokerages are Active on Twitter [Infographic]

With the majority of the brokerage firms in our e-Monitor coverage group (17 of 19) now on Twitter, we decided to take a closer look at how these firms are using their Twitter accounts. We found that many of the brokerages we examined are active on Twitter, tweeting and retweeting valuable information to users. However, there is still room for improvement, especially in the areas of response rates and account verification.

April 25, 2013

April Mobile Infographic: Mobile Card Rewards vs. Flash Deals

Last week, American Express released version 4.0.0 of their iPhone app to the public. While its redesign was front and center, perhaps the biggest change was the inclusion of their Membership Rewards program within the app. This makes American Express one of three credit card issuers we cover (Bank of America and Capital One being the other two) who give customers a chance to redeem points or take advantage of deals within their main mobile banking app.