June 07, 2018

Americans Are Growing More Afraid to Ride in an Autonomous Car

When Corporate Insight attended the 2018 Auto Insurance Report National Conference, host Brian Sullivan predicted that we are at least five years away from a fully autonomous car. Recent setbacks to Tesla’s and Uber’s autonomous research programs indicate that numerous hurdles remain before a vehicle is designed that can drive itself completely independently of a […]

March 31, 2017

Artificial intelligence & blockchain could allow for the automation of more complex pattern recognition

This post contains an excerpt from our latest syndicated report, Blockchain Solutions and the Future of Finance. For more information, please contact us. Artificial intelligence (AI) is the engineering of computer programs that are capable of intelligent decision making. This is realized through the accelerated analysis of data sets. Well-known examples include Google’s search results, which […]

May 26, 2016

Fidelity Officially Launches FidSafe, an Innovative Document Management Platform

  Yesterday’s Boston Business Journal featured an article discussing the official launch of FidSafe, Fidelity Investments’ new cloud-based “digital safe deposit box” that houses users’ sensitive personal and financial documents. Fidelity launched the service in 2015 but has thus far done relatively little to promote it. This will change next month, when Fidelity begins to […]