Five Questions to Consider for Narrative Forms

In a rapidly changing digital world, online forms have changed surprisingly little since the earliest days of the internet. While forms play a crucial role in online tasks—particularly within financial services—there’s no need for online forms to maintain the same static layout as paper forms. Some financial services firms update forms by replacing lists of […]

July 27, 2017

Fiduciary Regulations Emerging at State Level

The Department of Labor’s Fiduciary Rule has consumed industry attention over the last six months. The rule expands the 1974 ERISA Act’s definition of an investment advice fiduciary and requires advisors to act in their clients’ best interest at all times. The industry’s fixation has only increased since June 9, when phase one of the […]

July 25, 2017

MassMutual Launches Online Life Insurance Pilot

MassMutual continues to expand its online life insurance offerings with the new MassMutual Direct product. While the firm offers an extensive lineup of products for purchase online, the new term policy is the first fully underwritten policy available online directly from MassMutual. Notably, the firm launched MassMutual Direct as a pilot program and is not […]

July 11, 2017

Prudential Personalizes Financial Wellness

As part of its recent private site revamp, Prudential expanded its educational resources with a wealth of articles, videos and recommendations. In an unusual arrangement, the firm allows prospects to create an account and save resources on a personalized My Financial Life microsite identical to the corresponding new private site section. The microsite allows anyone […]

July 10, 2017

Principal Incentivizes Healthy Lifestyle Choices with the My Principal Lifestyle Program

Principal launched a limited-time program called My Principal Lifestyle to reward clients for healthy lifestyle practices with gift cards. Principal is the second firm in the Life Insurance Monitor coverage group, after John Hancock, to launch a program that incentivizes healthy lifestyles with rewards. While the John Hancock Vitality program offers premium discounts in addition […]

July 07, 2017

Annuity and Life Insurance Product Update – Q2 2017

This slide deck examines new product releases from annuity carriers and life insurers covered in our Annuity Monitor and Life Insurance Monitor research services. Inside, we provide a rundown of the new products introduced on the firms’ websites in the second quarter of 2017 and highlight their key features. If you are unable to access […]

June 14, 2017

Happy Birthday! Need Life Insurance?

USAA takes its customer engagement to a higher level by sending birthday greetings that remind clients with other product holdings of their life insurance needs. One of our panelists with banking and credit card accounts at USAA recently received a custom mailer wishing them a happy birthday and offering them a discount on life insurance. […]

How Insurance Firms Reward Customers for Healthy Behaviors

Health and wellness rewards programs offered by employers and insurance companies incentivize individuals to adopt healthy behaviors. Firms use the resulting data to ascertain the health needs of their customers and deliver a better product through personalized recommendations and rewards. With a healthier member base, health insurers use wellness programs to contain spending by reducing […]

May 30, 2017

Earning an Apple Watch through Life Insurance

As part of the John Hancock Vitality Program’s innovative rewards program, clients with a Vitality life insurance product can earn a discounted Apple Watch. This option combines an attractive reward with a compelling incentive for physical activity. Clients who are part of the Vitality program can purchase a watch with monthly payments after an initial […]