November 20, 2018

Select Life Insurance Needs Calculators Stand Out for Unique Features

Features on State Farm’s and USAA’s life insurance needs calculators set them apart as prospects research coverage options. Thus far in 2018, half of all adults have visited a life insurance company website to seek information online, making these resources imperative to bettering a prospect’s understanding of their coverage needs. Life insurance needs calculators allow […]

July 09, 2013

Tuesday Tips – Five Ways Brokerages Can Improve Online Asset Allocation Tools

For the average investor, portfolio diversification is necessary to protect wealth from market swings. An essential part of portfolio management is allocating assets amongst different investments that carry different levels of risk. To help clients handle the task, online brokerages provide asset allocation tools that help clients determine a target asset allocation model, and then compare their current holdings to the target.

April 23, 2013

Tuesday Tips – Five Ways Banks Can Improve Online Chat Customer Service

This week we examine the live chat customer service capabilities banks offer online. Live chat offers customers a quick way to reach out to their bank, without having to endure long wait times or picking up the phone. Banks can use online chat not only to offer customer support, but also to promote products and services. Live chat is also a great way to provide account-specific assistance to existing clients.

April 02, 2013

Tuesday Tips – Five Ways Fund Firms Can Improve Their Online Tax Centers

As tax day approaches, many investors are feeling stressed as they attempt to locate the proper forms and statements for their filings. Asset management companies can help alleviate their worries by providing online resources that clearly organize documents and explain tax concepts to investors. The following five tips from our latest Mutual Fund Monitor report focus on ways fund firms can optimize their online tax centers: