March 23, 2017

Comparing Social Security Benefit Estimators

Social Security benefits are an important consideration in gauging one’s readiness for retirement. Good online calculators offer users vital insight into their own preparedness within the context of their overall financial picture. In our latest white paper, Comparing Social Security Benefit Estimators: What Drives Differentiation?, we explore a wide range of Social Security benefit estimators and […]

Tomorrow’s Fund Company Website: Helping Financial Advisors Thrive in Disruptive Times

As changes occur in the financial advice industry, it is important for asset management firms to position themselves as valuable partners to advisors by providing content-rich, easy-to-use advisor websites. Using our new Advisor Website Audit and surveys of advisors and investors, CI’s latest white paper, Tomorrow’s Fund Company Website: Helping Financial Advisors Thrive in Disruptive […]

October 27, 2016

The Rise of Blockchain: An Introduction

In the past two years, blockchain technology has begun to shape the financial services landscape, and financial institutions should be prepared to continue to hear about the technology as it becomes more prevalent. Our latest complimentary white paper, The Rise of Blockchain: An Introduction provides an overview of bitcoin and the blockchain for financial services […]

June 21, 2016

Whitepaper: The Looming Problems with Retirement Planners

Gauging retirement readiness is among the most talked about topics in the retirement industry today.  Many leading financial firms provide publicly available retirement income projection tools to their website visitors. While all of these tools provide some sort of income projection, they vary in terms of intuitiveness, comprehensiveness and quality of results. In CI’s most […]

June 19, 2014

Whitepaper: Online Shopping Carts – The Next Security Battleground

The Target data breach and the Heartbleed bug intensified the focus on the vulnerability of personal credit card data in both the physical and digital realms. As a natural consequence, consumers have become increasingly concerned about giving their card data to physical and online merchants. EMV chips for physical cards served as the solution to […]

March 31, 2014

Active vs. Passive Investment Management Marketing Practices Whitepaper

The issue of active versus passive management is a perennial debate for asset managers and investors. The recent growth of interest in indexed strategies highlights that investors are more concerned than ever about keeping costs low, and thus, many are turning to index funds to avoid management fees. While the efficient-market debate is unlikely to be settled any time soon, we here at Corporate Insight are interested in how asset managers promote their different services. In this white paper, we examine how three firms – American Funds, MFS and Vanguard – promote their services in the active and passive management spheres. The whitepaper compares the firms’ marketing strengths and weaknesses and places a special emphasis on online thought leadership, examining the value, volume and website placement of the pieces the firms produce.

February 11, 2014

The Complete Bitcoin User Experience: Mining, Exchanges, Wallets and Beyond

The growing popularity and mainstream acceptance of Bitcoins has made it important for consumers and investors to gain a deeper understanding of this preeminent virtual currency. The Complete Bitcoin User Experience: Mining, Exchanges, Wallets and Beyond provides a detailed analysis of how Bitcoins are created, traded and stored. The study includes reviews of the top websites and online services driving the Bitcoin marketplace including Slush’s Pool, and Coinbase among others. The Bitcoin Study Focuses On: • Mining: Breakdown of the virtual currency's creation process • Trading: Closer look at Bitcoin exchanges and trading platforms • Wallets: Reviews of popular Bitcoin wallets and a look at how they work • Marketplace: Bitcoin's uses, value, outlook and virtual currency competitors

January 29, 2014

CI First Look: Bitcoin and Virtual Currency Basics Whitepaper

Virtual currencies are a decentralized form of “electronic cash” that users send to each other through a peer-to-peer payment system in exchange for goods and services. Consumers and investors have long debated the new type of currency’s long-term legitimacy. While some have flocked to use and invest in virtual currencies, others warn of a possible bubble in the making. This whitepaper offers an introduction to the world of virtual currencies. We begin by looking back at the history of currency and point to successes, failures and trends in an effort to show what is required of any currency to be successful. With that context, we then provide an overview of the predominant virtual currency, Bitcoin.

October 03, 2013

Whitepaper – Credit Card Privacy: A Closer Look at Online Privacy Policies

A major complaint among cardholders is the lack of awareness and control around how their personal information is used by credit card companies. While there are many responsible card issuers across the industry that do not share client information with third parties, not all issuers effectively communicate these consumer-friendly policies to cardholders. Credit Card Privacy: A Closer Look at Online Privacy Policies examines how leading card issuers display privacy policies online and what options they provide to cardholders wishing to limit or stop the sharing of personal data.