Chase’s Long-Awaited Overhaul of the Small Business Client Private Site

by on Jul 05, 2017

Chase recently overhauled its private site for small business card holders, including an updated color scheme, larger font, responsive design, revamped navigation and reorganized pages. The overhaul incorporates the same design as the banking and consumer card client site revamp that debuted in August 2016, as well as the navigation updates implemented this past March. A full 10 months after the banking and consumer card site revamps, the much-needed revamp brings improvements, such as a better organized homepage and modernized aesthetics, but fails in other regards, including its unintuitive navigation and a decentralization of customer service content.

Take, for example, the new Profile & Settings page as compared the original site’s Customer Center. The Customer Center listed all links to account and personal management pages, providing a centralized location for almost every profile and card management task. Now, the links to these tasks are spread between a Things You Can Do dropdown menu in the account activity section of the homepage and the Profile & Settings interface. Customers may not know to look in the Things You Can Do dropdown menu for certain tasks. To access the Profile & Settings interface, customers must know to find it in the Account Management menu or through the site header silhouette icon.

Despite both the decentralization and unintuitive location of the profile and card management content, the new Profile & Settings interface itself is well organized and highly navigable. The section uses left sidebar navigation and organizes options across four categories: Personal Details, Accounts, Alerts and More Settings. The former Customer Center housed all links on a single page and did not include secondary navigation, making it cumbersome to move between various customer service tasks.

This transition from the original site’s Customer Center and the new site’s Profile & Settings interface serves as a case study into the mixed results of the site overhaul. For a complete examination of the Chase revamp, see our May 2017 Small Business Card Monitor Update.

New Profile & Settings Interface