CI First Look – Investors Bank Mobile App

by on Dec 20, 2012

investors_bank_2As we have seen over the past year, mobile banking has become the standard, and is now expected of larger banking firms. In the case of regional banks, it is important that they keep up technologically if they plan to expand. Take for example Investors Bank, a small-to-midsized regional bank working primarily out of New Jersey. While they recently opened new branches in New York and have launched an aggressive ad campaign, perhaps their biggest move came today when they released their mobile banking app for the iPhone.

The Investors Bank app is a solid first offering. While it does not feature advanced functionalities such as remote deposit capture, it does allow customers to perform all of their essential banking needs. After logging in, clients can view their account balances, transfer money internally and pay bills. The app also utilizes the iPhone GPS, allowing clients to quickly locate a branch.


Closing Thoughts
As we have seen, apps tend to evolve over time. It wouldn’t be unreasonable to expect more advanced features in the future such as external transfers, alerts, and the aforementioned remote deposit capture which is quickly becoming an expected feature across the banking industry.