CI Preview: Fidelity’s New Portfolio Summary Beta

by on Feb 12, 2014

Fidelity recently invited some of its retail customers to preview a new Portfolio Summary view on the firm’s investor site. A new email sent to invefidelity_Logo_fidstors outlines the basics of the new interface and provides a link to log onto the new page. The preview version will only be live for a short period of time (the notice does not specify how long), so users will eventually be reverted to the existing pages; they can also choose to exit the preview at any time.

Fidelity Email Notice of Portfolio Summary Preview
Email Notice of Portfolio Summary Preview
Upon a user’s first visit to the preview pages, the screen is overlaid with tutorial arrows that direct their attention to new points of interest across the totally revised Portfolio Summary. The tutorial makes it clear that the current preview is a work in progress and is subject to change in the final version, warning that some links could lead to old pages or to nothing at all. For the most part, the preview works quite well, but there are indeed certain gaps in the new presentation as of this writing. Still, this preview offers a lot of new additions and features worth showcasing.

Fidelity Tutorial Overlay
Tutorial Overlay
Portfolio Summary
The new portfolio summary reorders many portfolio features to provide as much information and functionality on screen as possible without forcing the user to navigate to a different page. For example, the trading and bill pay functions are now accessible in distinct pop-up windows that can be moved around within the screen. On a technical note, the new Summary interface supports this high-information approach with a responsive design, which allows on-screen assets to re-size and rearrange to conform to different screen sizes, including those on mobile devices.

Fidelity Pop-up Trading Interface
Pop-up Trading Interface
All Accounts Page
The new All Accounts overview page contains the most visible changes and additions. Noteworthy updates include a list of news articles relevant to the user’s exact holdings, a chart of the day’s major index performance and a real-time summary of market movers. These add a crucial new level of detail and cohesion to Fidelity’s private site, and remind me in particular of other market research services like Google Finance. However, while those services provide the same sort of real-time data, they fall short of Fidelity’s new offering due to the fact that they only allow users to manage hypothetical portfolios. This new approach to portfolio management – combined with the faster, more visible trading interface – will definitely be a welcome addition for all investors, though equity investors likely stand to gain the most from the new abundance of market information.

Fidelity All Accounts Overview – Widest Responsive Layout
All Accounts Overview – Widest Responsive Layout
Closing Thoughts
So far, Fidelity’s new Portfolio Summary interface seems like a positive change to the site. It will be interesting to see how it develops in the coming weeks or months as the firm adapts its design to user feedback and adds new functionality that is currently missing. Furthermore, we’ll be interested to see if the firm applies the responsive design featured here to the rest of its website, which currently does not feature that functionality. When the firm’s changes are eventually finalized and live on the site, we will report on them in full detail in our various Monitor Services Updates.