CI Review – Ally Bank’s Enhanced iPhone & Android Apps

by on Nov 26, 2012

ally_bank_logoAlly Bank recently updated its iPhone and Android apps adding external transfers, bill pay and mobile check deposit. The only transaction capability previously available was transfers between Ally Bank accounts. The new features greatly improve clients’ mobile service options, and make Ally the latest of more than a dozen banks Corporate Insight tracks to add mobile check deposits.

The Transfer Funds interface remains the same in design. When selecting “from” and “to” accounts, listings now include both Ally and Non-Ally Accounts, identified by bank and partially-redacted account number.

Bill Pay
To use the new Bill Pay tool, clients must first select a payee. They then arrive at the Make a Payment screen, which resembles the funds transfer interface. The To and From lines are pre-filled with the selected payee and default payment account. Clients must enter an amount and date; unlike funds transfers, no default is pre-filled.


Mobile Check Deposit
The new Make Deposits tool follows a standard process with a heavy emphasis on instruction and help. The tool begins with a screen explaining the process, and a set of FAQs specific to deposits are available throughout. The interface includes standard inputs – account, images and amount – with the deposit limit helpfully posted above. Users take images of the check front and back sequentially. The tool provides a screen of illustrated instructions before both pictures are taken and a checklist after to help users decide whether to use or retake each image. The photo interface itself features guides for where to position the check and endorsement. The tool then returns to the main input screen for final review and submission.